The French American Yacht Club’s mission is to organize amateur sailing regattas in New York harbor and elsewhere to raise funds for like-minded charities as well as provide educational sailing related events in order to foster friendship between France and the USA.


Our 501c3 tax-exempt status was awarded by the IRS on March 16, 2017. You can see the IRS letter here: IRStaxexemptLETTER.


Our Board is comprised of four founding members: Herve-Pierre Beauchesne (President), Edouard Ruelle (Treasurer), Alain Bensimon (Secretary) and Christophe Duthoit. See their biographies here.


The first regatta to be organized will be the 2017 Frogs Cup that will be a benefit event to raise funds to help provide relief to the Caribbean islands after the devastation from hurricane Irma. See details here.


The French American Yacht Club plans to raise funds to redistribute to like-minded charities, that is groups doing work in the nautical, sailing and oceanic sectors, in New York and elsewhere in the US and/or abroad.


Our fund first raiser (2017 Frogs Cup) will be dedicated to providing relief to the Caribbean islands that have suffered from hurricane Irma. We will announce the selected charity(ies) that will receive our donation.


The French American Yacht Club is currently looking for sponsors; companies interested in supporting our cause and receiving the exceptional exposure offered by the different regattas organized in the fabulous New York harbor and educational events that will take place during the off-season in Manhattan.


For more information, please email us at contact@frenchamericanyc.org



Herve-Pierre Beauchesne:

HP grew up on the French islands of Martinique, Tahiti, and La Reunion and has strong ties to Brittany. He began his career in finance in Paris, and moved to New York in 2006. Before that, he served as an officer in a French Navy commando unit in the French Special Operation Forces. For the last 20 years, HP has been racing sailboats in France, Spain, the Caribbean and China taking part in offshore and round-the-cans regattas. He is a member of ONE15 Brooklyn Sailing Club where he races Melges 24. He is also an alternate Board member of the AAGEF, the French Grandes Ecoles Alumni Association.
HP is a co-founder and a Board member of the French American Yacht Club, and he currently serves as its President.


Edouard Ruelle:

Edouard was born and raised in France. His career in finance took him to Buenos Aires, Paris, Caracas, London and New York where he lives today. Edouard has been sailing in New York since 2004 where he races J24s and cruises on a 12 Metre class. He is a Syndicate member of the 12 Metre America II (US46) and is part of the “12 Metre Leadership Committee” of the New York Harbor Sailing Foundation.  Edouard is a member of the Yacht Club de France (Paris) as well as the Manhattan Yacht Club (New York). He also runs the Children of Peru Foundation, a NY based 501c3 charity he founded in 2006.
Edouard is a co-founder and Board member of the French American Yacht Club, and he currently serves as its Treasurer.


Alain Bensimon:

Alain grew up in Los Angeles and Paris and is French-American. His passion for sailing started in Los Angeles on Le Fono, a family owned 32 foot sloop. After moving to New York in 2008, Alain accumulated a wealth of experience from cruising, delivering and racing a variety of boats in different parts of the world. He particularly enjoys ocean passages and ocean races. Alain holds an RYA/MCA Yachtmaster license and worked as a professional skipper for a few years. His sailing experience includes Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific crossings. Alain is a coach at ONE15 Brooklyn Sailing Club. He is also a member of the New York Bar and of the French-American Bar Association.
Alain is a co-founder and a Board member of the French American Yacht Club, and he currently serves as its Secretary.

Christophe Duthoit

Christophe Duthoit:

Christophe Duthoit was born in France and started sailing in Normandy as a kid. He is not sure whether his earliest family souvenirs relate to the sea or land. He spent his whole career in technology and has lived in New York with his family since 2008. Christophe is an avid and passionate sailor. He regularly sails the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean as a skipper with family and friends. He recently crossed the Atlantic twice, once supporting the Mini-Transat in 2013 on a Class 40 between Sada (Spain) and Pointe à Pitre (Guadeloupe) and in 2017 from Antigua to La Horta (Azores). He recently sailed the South Atlantic from Ushuaia (Argentina) around Cape Horn to Punta Del Este (Uruguay). He’s also a board member of Action Against Hunger USA.

Christophe is a co-founder and a Board member of the French American Yacht Club.